Hobo Meal - An Easy Ground Beef Recipe

by Leslie Gutzke

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic over here today.  I"ve secretly always wanted to use that word, but the feeling is true...

You're probable thinking how the heck can I feel that way cooking supper with ground beef.  I get it, I would too!

It's spring time and it went from winter one week over here, to summer the next and now we are in full swing of finishing up calving, AIing (artificial inseminating), seeding, yard clean up, soccer and lacross.  WHEW!  I need a nap just thinking about it!

okay so long way around...normally, I would be writing about how I discovered how to make this easy Hobo Meal in my instant pot ( I'll write about that later) because it's so easy and fast.  Once winter is over, I am not normally in the house much and so the instant pot is my best friend!

But since its in the dishwasher right now, I am just going to make it the way I used to.  In the oven...but with a piece of kitchenware that is special.  I'm feeling so domesticated tonight and can't help but feel like an old farmwife from years ago.

This beauty right here is giving me all the feels!  My Auntie was over the other day and my mom must had told her I have been on the hunt for some vintage corningware.  Well she went digging into her sea can and low and behold if she didn't gift me her Aunt's cassarol dish!  Seriously!  I was just so excited.  

So naturally, I am going to fill that baby up with meat and potatoes tonight and cook it in the oven. 

By now you are proably wanting the recipe!  I'm not even 100% sure where I found this recipe, but I'm sharing it with you because its super easy and us