Easy Instant Pot Hobo Meal l Lean Ground Beef

by Leslie Gutzke


I'm always stuck between not feeling like I ever have enough time to cook, and wanting that slow living, cook in my vintage pots-over the stove top- kind of life.

On the ranch we have such busy seasons and spring is for sure one of them!  I feel like winter is the time to "live slow" and spring, summer and fall are for enjoying being outdoors and also doing and catching up on the NEVER ENDING list of things to do. 

Right now the grass in FINALLY turning green, winter is over and I am running the boys 3 nights a week to town, in the midst of AIing, yard work, chores and fencing...the days are full!

Part of starting this blog was to share recipes with you that have been passed down to me, and also ones that I have discovered along the way that are made up of things you mostly have in your fridge or pantry already. 

Don't get me wrong...I love a new recipe that I maybe have to make a special trip to the grocery store for, but in reality, I like to only go grocery shopping once a week and so my recipes have to mirror that!

I orginally found this recipe quite a while ago, and I'm sure it came from Pinterest or somewhere, but I don't remember!  I used to make it in foil and cook it in the oven,  maybe one day I'll do that again, but in the busy seasons, the Instant Pot is my GO TO!  

I was gifted my instant pot as a birthday gift from my mom a couple of years ago and it has been such a lifesaver for me!  I am still slowly growing my recipe book of instant pot recipes, but this one is one I make quite often.  It's so so simple and honestly, it's my husband's favourite.  

He is such a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy, and really anything smothered in mushroom gravy is fine by me! 

This is such a great one pot meal that I hope you enjoy just as much as we do here!  Download the printable recipe here!

Ingredients List

5-6 Sliced Potatoes

1 Large onioin - sliced

3 Carrots 

Spices of your choice - I use Presidents Choice Vegatable Rub

2lb Lean Ground Beef - I use our own 66 Ranch Raised Meats lean ground beef 

Knorr Beef Bullion

2 Cans of mushroom soup.

Panko crumbs OR good ol' soda crackers to crush

Onion powder


One Egg



1. Slice up all of your veggies and put them in the pot.  Mix them up and then add your vegetable rub to them.

2. Place your lean ground beef in a mixing bowl.  Add the egg, parsley, pank crumbs (or crushed up soda crackers), and onion powder.

3. Set your Instant Pot to the Manual setting, and adjust the time to 18 minutes.  While your pot is pressuring up, you will have plenty of time to prepare your patties.

4. Mix all of your ground beef with the patty ingredients and form your patties.  I make mine the size of my palm.  With our beef being lean, there really isn't any shrinkage which is great!

5. Place the patties on top of the veggies in the pot.

6. Now it's time to add your two cans of Mushroom soup, and then sprinkle a generous amount of beef bullion over the soup.  Don't mix it!  The pot with do the work for you!

8. Now the pot will be close to pressured up, so place the lid on and this will give you enough time to drink your wine, or beer or do your dishes quick!

When it's done, realease the pressure and open the lid.  Mix it up with a large spoon and enjoy!  

I would LOVE to know how this turned out for you, so please leave your questions or comments below!